Can honestly say this course was the best thing I've ever done, Jack the trainer was amazing, his way of teaching is uncomplicated and laid back I don't think I would have chosen anywhere else to train. Like many I thought it was near on impossible to learn all you need to knowto become a barber in 10 days. It is possible! I did the course in Birmingham in mid September 2021 and I now have my own barbershop that is trading successfully. You take away from the course what you put into it and Jack is incredible at what he does, it also helped that the group I was with during those 10 days were amazing as well and I know because of Jack we will all go on and do incredible things in the industry. Thanks again Jack and the Quarters Barbering Academy. If you're thinking of taking this course, DO IT you won't regret it!

Mike Chatwin

If you want to do this course and are worried that you don't know how to cut hair, don't worry jack is amazing and a great teacher. I'm only half way through my two week course and I'm already doing fades on my own. Best decision I ever made doing this course.

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