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The Quarters academy will take you through the art of barbering step-by-step for just £97 per month.

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Learn to become a prestigious barber ONLINE with our hugely popular barbering academy. Your director and tutor, Jake Hillery, has 6 shops under his belt with a prestigious academy in the UK & internationally.

Our course means you can start your new career in just 6 months time. Our current academy graduates earn anywhere between £300.00 – £850.00 per week.

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Possibility of earning up to £850.00 per week*

Learn at your own pace in your own time at home

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Start your new career in as little as 6 months

In-depth videos covering everything you need to become a barber


What you'll learn

Throughout the course, we’ll teach you how to achieve the different styles desired by the client by working through a range of shapes.

From no.2 to a Skin fade, we cover every aspect of clipper work. Clippers, foils and mini-trimmers are covered in detail during the course.

Sectioning is the key to setting you aside from the rest. These simple tweaks to the way you are dividing the hair will make you a master barber in no time.

We will cover every scissor technique from club cutting to scissor over comb, giving your haircuts that stand out edge and a texture that is like no other.

Usually, a passed by art, this is one of the most important steps in a gentleman’s haircut. Making every client leave feeling a million dollars is the perfect secret to gaining a customer for life.

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“At 58 I decided I had had enough of being a plasterer, Jake & The Quarters step by step guide is so easy to follow, I am now renting a chair in one of the best local barbershops.”

Ray Gookey

Ryan Price

“I attended Jakes barbering course after being recommended by him, 3 months later I am now the manager of his store The Gent! Best career decision of my life”

Ryan Price

Chereis Sewell

“It was the best decision of my life. I now cut hair in my spare time making extra cash on top of my day job, I can’t thank the team at The Quarters Barbering Academy enough.”

Chereis Sewell

Frequently Asked Questions

As you do not need a qualification to be a barber you do not get one with this course.

The course is for 12 months. During these 12 months, from as little as 2-4 hours per week, you can learn how to barber to the highest standard. Every 2 weeks you will receive a new module with videos and reading material.

Yes, you will receive a print-at-home certificate. A physical version can be posted to you for £9.99 + postage once you completed every module.

We recommend getting barber tools week 4 at the latest, as this is when you should be able to do a basic haircut by yourself. If you have kit, great, you can get started right away, however, it is not necessary.

You can use both dolls heads and human models.

Your education is run by Jake Hillery. Jake owns 6 barber shops in the UK and internationally as well as a renowned barbering academy in the midlands. He has worked with the likes of Booksy, Apothecary87 and The Barber Magazine.

Jakes students range from recently graduated high school students to 60-year-old ex-tradesman. It is never too late and our courses are designed for everyone.

Barbering is not just for men! Some of our greatest students and the worlds best barbers are female.

We offer a no fix term system with our online courses. You can end your subscription whenever you need to, just contact us and we will be happy to cancel it straight away.


The Quarters academy will take you through the art of barbering step-by-step for just £97 per month.

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*Based on our current academy graduates earnings in our own shops.